Zagros Paydar International Group (ZPIG) has been started up and established since 2001 according to the following organizational chart and based on developing two and multi- lateral cooperation with reputable international oil, gas and Petrochemical Companies.

On those days, Because of the weak private sector in the drilling Industry in Iran, ZPIG most effort was concentrated on the oil and gas wells drilling projects including all integrated services in Iran.
 Achievement of those efforts was destructing the exclusivity of drilling industry in Iran and developing presence and increasing of the numbers of private and semi-private drilling companies, day by day, in Iran.
Now, Zagros Paydar int’l Group (ZPIG) is proud for this great achievement as the first private engaged company on fighting with hard governmental exclusivity in oil and gas wells drilling industry in Iran.

Besides of several hard activities on granting and improving the drilling projects, other companies of the ZPIG started close cooperation with reputable international oil companies such as CNPC(china National Oil Company), INPEX (Japan), Total(France), Shell(multinational) Netherland, ENI(Italy), OMV(Austria) and a lot of well known, reputable American and Western oil services companies such as, Halliburton, National oil well(Varco), Backer-Hughes, Weatherford, Schlemburger,  Precision drilling,  …,  to increase their knowledge and experiences for provision of expertized services to the several companies of NIOC(National Iran Oil Company) such as PEDEC(Petroleum Engineering Development Company), ICOF( Iran central oil fields), NISOC (National Iran South oil fields ), NIDC, NPC and NIGC and all other respectful clients in Iran.
After applying tight limitation to doing activities for reputable international oil companies since 2006, and hence, stopping their business in Iran, ZPIG followed its abroad development strategy, and therefor expand its business through its new global network, by establishing new ventures such as registering new abroad companies and/or purchasing some shares of existing  relevant companies and oil, gas related equipment manufacturing factories and also opening new offices around the world, for example, North American Area, European Unity Countries, South East Asia Zone countries, Australia and Middle East .

By kind support and cooperation of its International alliances and also according to the precise and growing strategy, besides of its Global valuable, trustful and reputable Partners, ZPIG is taking steps towards a better and illuminated futures and from this position shake deep sincere hands with all related active  individual experts  and companies around the world for a win-win cooperation.

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